May 04

The night before Hollywood

It is a beautiful calm night, though calm can be so subjective. Here my calm is in the atmosphere not necessarily in my mind, but for this moment it is quite sufficient. My subject ,however , is not the beautiful river filled with chirping frogs and splashing fish nor is it the emotional coaster in my head. Tomorrow is an interesting new day, besides all of the unknown events that will surely also happen.   At 2 o’clock the team at Ebenisterie Public will be greeted blessfully by a professional film crew and our work, study, experiences and passions will be put into film and shared with the world for as long as that file exists. As I am sure in many filmings some of the greatest stars will not be on the screen, but we will know that they share this event with us. What about the screen…. Cameron K Gagnon (blogger etc), BamBam D ( drummer etc), Nichloai Kirbovsky ( good kid etc) and I love Jean-Guy (master man etc). Together with the expertise and talent of the film crew and the budgeting of our gracious government, we plan on bringing you an up close and personal look into our daily professional lives. Personally I thrive on my opportunity of being able to touch and transform wood daily, though these days I spend much of my time learning psychology and practicing negotiation and business. Bam oozes with talent, from the rhythms of his world to the science of art and “regular” renovation. Nick is a master in his own, and at a tender age and form can run all aspects of any project from start to finish. The finish… Sometimes determined by the end and sometimes by a transition point, Jean-Guy is a master. With attention backed by skill and experience, I have personally never met better. We love the clients that we’ve had, we can’t wait to continue on the projects that are happening and we always dream of what beauty and joy the future will bring. I hope, if nothing else other than to be able to keep on hoping, that you enjoy the fruit of our combined labours as much as we enjoy the transformation it constantly brings us. P.s the heron just caawwd Hi!


  1. Melissa

    To Cam, Bam, Nich & JG – it was an amazing, transformative experience to witness first-hand the passion you have for your work. It will sureyl transpire on film! Thanks again for letting us into your amazing world! MB.

  2. Adelaide

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